HAM Systems collaborated with Doppler S.A.

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HAM Systems successfully designed and developed from scratch an electronic device (hardware and firmware) for remote communication with the central processing system of Doppler S.A. The device connects to the Cloud via GSM, Ethernet or/and Wi-Fi and is able to be installed on a DIN-rail inside the electrical panel of the elevator.

Doppler S.A. will be able to remotely monitor the status of every elevator equipped with this device. In addition, Doppler’s clients will be able to remotely control and monitor their elevator via the Internet.

DOPPLER offers elevators and escalators for a wide range of solutions for all kind of buildings such as residential, commercial or public featuring excellent quality, safety, comfort and style. Ever since its establishment, DOPPLER has been setting high goals which led to a strong and profound presence on the global map and products in more than 60 countries around the globe.

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