Ideal room temperatures for pets

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Ιn a previous article, we discussed ideal home temperatures during winter and summer and briefly discussed this query about pets.

In this article, we will go into more detail on this particular issue.

Although animals, in general, have the ability to adjust their temperature easier to their environment, they also have their limits.

Overweight pets or animals that have more fur tend to get hot easier during the summer months, while pets with less fur, harder.

Temperature variations in the house, while we are away, can make our pets dehydrated or uncomfortable, which results in their energy being drained trying to maintain an acceptable temperature for their body.

So let’s take a look at what the ideal temperatures are for our pets and how we can maintain them even when we are away.

Ideal Home Temperature for Dogs

Dogs, in the summer, feel comfortable at temperatures that are admittedly reasonable for us as well, for example, 24 to 26 degrees Celsius.

When leaving the house, never let your thermostat above 27 degrees Celsius, and make sure your four-legged friend has plenty of fresh water while you are away. Finally, dogs with thicker coats would appreciate access to a cool tile or ground.

Similarly, in winter, a temperature between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius is quite reasonable for both you and your pet.

Never leave the thermostat at a temperature lower than 16 degrees Celsius and make sure, especially puppies and older dogs, have a warm bed or an extra blanket on the couch.

Ideal temperature for Cats

Cats can tolerate higher house temperatures, up to 30-32 degrees Celsius, a temperature that is unusual for a household, but nevertheless tolerable by a cat given that it has access to plenty of fresh water.

In addition, temperatures below 21 degrees Celsius make it difficult for the cat to maintain its temperature, so it is not recommended to set our thermostat lower.

Ideal Temperature for Birds

Since most pet birds are tropical, they cannot tolerate cold temperatures indoors.

A temperature range in which birds are comfortable, regardless of the season, is 20-28 degrees Celsius. In winter, they tend to consume more food in order to keep their temperature high, so make sure they have enough food at all times.

Ideal temperature for Fish

For the majority of tropical fish, the water temperature in the room and the aquarium as well, should be between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius, due to their sensitivity to the slightest temperature change.

Ideal temperature for Tropical Pets

Small mammals

According to the University of Miami’s Department of Biology, tropical pets cannot handle temperatures higher than 25 degrees Celsius, so their care is particularly demanding.

An indicative range of tolerable temperatures for these pets is between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius.


According to PetSmart, land tortoises need an extensive range in their habitat, starting at 18 to 26 degrees Celsius during the day, plus a “basking zone” where they can enjoy temperatures as high as 37 degrees Celsius!


Reptiles, as pets, need temperatures between 21 and 29 degrees Celsius in their habitat.

Most of them need a “basking area” – usually created with a heat lamp or radiant heat panel – where they can enjoy the heat for a few hours a day.

How can I have control over the space I share with my pet?

In order to ensure the ideal conditions for your pet, whether you are at home, away at work, or even on holiday, you can install a smart automation device that will allow you to not only monitor your room temperature at all times but also adjust it through your air conditioner!

With HAM RemoteAC, in addition to making sure your pet is safe, you can:

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